Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A sneek peek into Granny Doreen's nursery!

My old bedroom at "home" has been transformed into a nursery for Rebecca, so that I can continue working on the property at my beauty salon! There is a growing collection of pigs sneaking their way in, antique Christening robes hung along the picture rail and beautiful old dolls and vintage linens used throughout. Granny also has a special collection of pop-up books aswell as a "bootie cupboard".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Early Halloween teaparty!

Last Sunday we hosted a Halloween themed teaparty! I had taken out my Halloween decorations and just couldn't help myself, before long I'd decorated our two dressers/buffets and mirror!-even though Halloween is only on the 31st of October!

I see Woolies now has their decorations out, so watch out ghouls...oops I mean guests...you might get invited back again! whoooo!!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My craft basement!

I finally got around to doing more on my craft room this weekend. I had "printers tray" works of art that I had made and collages that needed to be stuck up, aswell as other bits and bobs to make this space as visually appealing as possible. I like to have all my "pretties" in one room to give me inspiration. I am lucky enough to have my pc there, aswell as a couch to read mags on, diningroom table to craft at, my own kitchenette and own bathroom. Now with this room "complete" and the nursery just about done, I can get lots of projects done before Christmas!

More on the nursery....

So work continues on the nursery! My Beatrix Potter posters came back from the framers, and look too divine. So far 1 out of 4 is up. The 2 "Shoe/knick-knack" shelves are up behind the compactum and the curtains have been put up behind the cot. Cousin Isabella  has spoilt Rebecca with a pink piggy-bank (kindly bought by Granny Lynne) that oinks when you "feed" it coins! And today a magical unicorn "rocking horse" arrived to add some magic, thanks Granny D. This week our change mat and my feeding pillows should arrive, aswell as newly upholstered cushions for the rocking chair and an ottoman. Then it's onto the essentials like breast pump, nappies, bottles and baby monitor!-but for now we're just having fun making the space pretty for our little girl!

Vintage linen sleeping bag

My mom has been digging out all our old baby stuff, and she came across this old sleeping bag she made! It is now considered vintage as it's almost 30yrs old now. She made it from beautiful anglaise (excuse my spelling!)and lace, all it needed was a good hand wash and it's good as new again. For now an antique doll is keeping it warm, but in the near future Rebecca will catch 40winks in it when visiting at friends houses!