Friday, June 24, 2011

Dolly kitchen dresser gets a make-over!

This dolly kitchen dresser came to us in a sorry state, full of cobwebs and dust. After a good clean off the shelves were packed with lovely goodies again like they once were, and now stands proudly next to another "Shirley Temple" doll! Notice the cute strawberry shaped tea-set?

Shirley Temple Before and After pics!

House and Garden show

Today I went off to the  "ECR House and Garden show" at the Expo Centre. I was lucky enough to meet some of the lovely people who's blogs I follow. Please do yourselves a favour and visit the "Homegrown" section of the show.

I bought some "Cupcake bath bombs" from  sweet Sarah at the "Body bar", she makes homemade soaps and other lovely yummy smelling pamper products. Also purchased another stunning corsage from the lovely Nadia, and  a giftwrap set from Venessa  Got to look at Terry Angelos beautiful artwork and had a chat with Wendy from Ukhamba craft. Also great meeting Miranda from "Rosabella"! Over all a good day out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My crafting haven!

Yesterday I went into "Cash Converters" in Durban North, not really with a goal to purchase anything, just to browse!-But I stumbled across a beautiful vintage dresser! And with such a great pricetag, I immediatly began plotting how we would get it home. Within the hour the dresser was placed down in our basement, and work on my "Chicks only!" sanctuary began. Finally all my supplies are now housed in this one place and neatly organised. It is a sensory overload, but all the things I love and hold dear are displayed down there. So now I can craft to my hearts content and get all the inspiration I need! So expect lots of new posts in the coming weeks on the new projects I will be busy on.

Tea party!

Well Thursday was a Public Holiday, and our dear friends John and Misty invited us over for a tea party!
Misty baked everything herself, and trust me it was all SCRUMPTIOUS! She has started her own business called "The Cake Queen", from icing wedding cakes to just cupcakes. She is busy setting up a website, which I will post when she's ready! In the meantime I will just rave and drop her name! :) We devoured a carrot and pear cake, lemon and poppy seed muffins and biscuits that tasted like "Romany creams (but even better!). What a lovely day, with many a laugh!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My addiction

I am addicted to buttons! Small, large, bright, diamante, old, new- doesn't matter to me I have to buy them! I like sorting them, I find it very therapetic,odd hey?! Some I use in jewellery making, other in crafts and some I just leave in glass candy jars to look at! These are a bunch I picked up the other day at one of my local 2nd hand stores. I got the lot for R5!!!!!

Ring ring!!!

I just love costume jewellery and I own tons of it. It's the quickest way to update and outfit. Every month I visit the Antique fair at Gateway, and every 3months the one at La Lucia Mall. Here is a collection of my vintage dress rings, I love how over the top they are!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Petunia's adventures...

Well the other day Petunia got cabin fever from being indoors during the down pours last week, so she decided to venture outside in the hope of finding a spot of sunshine to warm her "buns"! She met some other colourful folk while she was out on her walkabout, but she had been warned not to stop and speak to strangers! Good girl!

The secret garden....

Once upon a time (actually present day time, June 2011) in the suburb of fair Durban North grew a garden so pretty and neat. In this garden is a sweet little beauty salon called "Lavender Blue". The salon was particularly busy this week and was in desperate need of a waiting room incase clients arrived early, or on the odd occassion I possibly ran late! The lovely Winter sun was shining just outside the salon door all day long, and what better place to showcase some newly painted wicker furniture! Clients could sit in this serene little space as long as they wished, and were treated to a stack of "Martha Stewart Living", sweet treats and hot Italian coffee! Thanks to the lovely house owner "Diva Doreen" for her help and artistic guidance!-beacause every now and again this "Princess" gets frazzled!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christmas at my house

So I've posted photos of some of the Christmas decorating that goes on at my mom's house....but here is what our place looked like:

Koskas in the salon!


Here are pics of an old grubby koskas I picked up at my local second hand shop. It cost all of R120, and it's a good sturdy piece. After it had a good wash down, I found a temporary home for it in my salon. All my clients commented on it saying it was a lovely shabby chic piece, but I had plans for it..... so here are the BEFORE photos...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Easter decor!

Here are a few more photos taken at my mom's house! The dining room table was set for a tea party. At each place setting was a giftbox containing an Easter egg. The boxes were wrapped up in organza ribbon, and a wooden Easter decoration adorned each prezzie!