Sunday, September 25, 2011

Progress in the nursery!

So we have started working on our nursery, all the furniture is in place. On Friday we went for our 16week scan and were told that we're expecting a little girl! Her name is to be "Rebecca Anne Roberts". Today is only Sunday, but she has already been spoilt with a few outfits and shoes, a mobile and a wooden butterfly(to hang from the ceiling). Thank you Granny Doreen and Uncle Ruedi. Daddy also bought her a piggy wastepaper bin. This week coming I should get some Beatrix Potter posters back from the framers, and I can start ordering the soft furnishings. I'm very pleased with how it's starting to look, the colourful bunting around the room is still a "MAYBE" and might get replaced with fabric bunting. There is still some painting patch ups to be done and some little decorative shelves need to be put up- But for 17weeks I think we are pretty much on track. Rebecca is going to be one spoilt little cupcake!!!

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  1. Wow, Shooooweee, I cannot believe how busy you have been, Madame Lavender! The basement is looking fabulous and the nursery too. Very excited for you! And impressed by your energy levels. Enjoying the blog. XXXXXX