Wednesday, December 7, 2011


One of the best things about birthdays is opening presents! My friends really out did themselves and obviously know me very well now, I got tons of "prettiness!" One of the most special gifts I received is a handmade gift from one of the "Iheartmarket" stall holders, Sue. I have been following her lovely creations on Facebook ( we haven't actually formally met), she made a "Russian doll" and "Angel wings" for Rebecca's nursery. Thank you so much Sue!- and it turns out we share a birthday! The other gift that I was blown away by, was a birthday cake iced by my friend Misty "The cake Queen". Each flower was created out of icing, by hand. I think it was the most photographed and talked about cake. And boy was it YUMMY too! Thanks my dear friends, you really made my day!

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