Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The secret garden....

Once upon a time (actually present day time, June 2011) in the suburb of fair Durban North grew a garden so pretty and neat. In this garden is a sweet little beauty salon called "Lavender Blue". The salon was particularly busy this week and was in desperate need of a waiting room incase clients arrived early, or on the odd occassion I possibly ran late! The lovely Winter sun was shining just outside the salon door all day long, and what better place to showcase some newly painted wicker furniture! Clients could sit in this serene little space as long as they wished, and were treated to a stack of "Martha Stewart Living", sweet treats and hot Italian coffee! Thanks to the lovely house owner "Diva Doreen" for her help and artistic guidance!-beacause every now and again this "Princess" gets frazzled!

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