Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guess I just dissapeared there for a bit ......

Once again I must apologise for lack of posting!-this was probably my longest break yet. My daughter is now 6months old, crawling around like a crazy ant and pulling herself up onto everything. So inbetween taking a few clients to keep my beauty salon going and putting some "dosh in the kitty", I am running around making sure my little one is safe. Thank goodness I have a mom with a HUGE heart and she helps me out as much as possible. She really is a saint!

There is so much I want to blog about, but I never seem to find a chance. I started getting a little depressed about this fact....but then I realised I am lucky!So so lucky! I get to see my "pixie" grow up right before my eyes. I also get asked all the time to join Pinterest ....but I am slowly realising all these things are sweet time wasters. Fun yes....but before you now it, an hour has passed. Facebook,Twitter and BBM all eat into my day...they all do provide inspiration, but I do have journals full of clippings etc that I really should start working on.

 I have many good ideas, and they will still be there...I am just sitting on them for the time being. "Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,for babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow, so quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep, for I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep!"

I would love to get my craft room back up and running, make jewellery again, do some trade in antiques and vintage, teach some crafts and host tea mornings, blog for a living and review products BUT for the time being I am bathing in the glory of all that a MOM is, counting my blessings and realising...I am ONLY 30....tomorrow is another day! I have a full FUN life ahead, I don't need to rush.

I will however try and be a bit more consistent with my blog. I am busy reading through a dear friends "blogging notes", and will try new things like "linking". haha.... SMALL steps!!!

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