Monday, October 1, 2012

Pregnancy to 7months!

I have been reading so many personal blog posts and articles recently about different ladies and their take on pregnancy, chilbirth, breast feeding etc that I thought I had better get around to jotting down my own thoughts on what I have experienced before I forget them! Obviously this is my personal take and is unique, I don't plan to offend anyone or say my way is best. So here goes ......

Pregnancy.....before you fall pregnant you think 9months is a long time and you can get a lot done, WRONG!... it flies by...well at least mine did!  So I started buying bits and pieces right away, and my husband and I also chose to find out the sex of our baby so that we could do up the nursery. So at about 16weeks we found out a little girl had chosen us as her parents. And a few days later we named her Rebecca Anne. My pregnancy was honestly so easy, while other friends were complaining of sore backs and hips or suffering with morning sickness, I was just glowing. My skin was great, my hair was thick and shiney.

Rebecca was due on 3March 2012, but arrived one week early on 25 February. I had wanted a natural birth all along, and that is what I was blessed with. Labour was short and pretty easy going, I arrived at the hospital at 8:45pm and our princess arrived at 11:40pm. I survived with no epidural!
I promised myself to get up every day, bath, wash my hair and get dressed!- I have done this every day I am proud to say it.

Breastfeeding came easily to both of us. She latched and I produced. Unfortunately though I did go back to work and started to pump, and slowly but surely introduced bottles and formula, so breastfeeding only lasted 5months. I honestly would have liked to have carried on till about 8 or 9 months, but my daughter weened herself off and surprised us with 2 teeth at 4.5months. I started solids at this time, and haven't looked back. She enjoys her food and loves sampling off our plates.

At 4.5months Rebecca started properly crawling, we knew it was coming though....since a few days old she had chosen to sleep on her tummy, and since birth had managed to keep her head up for long periods. We used to drape her over a bolster and her little legs would work like crazy. She is now 7months old and walks around the house holding onto furniture and pulls herslf along. She lets go now for about 10 seconds testing out her balance.

I feed her on Purity bottled foods (*gets ready for the abuse to me hurled my way!*). I really thought we were going to cook for her, but for us this just makes sense. The serving size is just right, it's convenient and we don't heat it, there are awsome flavours "butternut,mielies and pasta bake" and be honest most if us were fed it!!! I watch my friends lovingly make meals from scratch and carefully store and label in the freezer, and I admire that, but it doesn't work for me. My child is healthy and weighs what she should for her age. Also my mom said to me once "she'll be eating off your plates before you know it", and it's true. She also gets snacks like biscuits, rice cakes, fresh fruit and cheese. She doesn't like rooibos or bottled water, just her formula. I don't feed her at set times,I do believe in routine however, but you have to be flexible, so if breakfast is somewhere between 9 and 10am I'm cool with that, and lunch anywhere between 12 and 1:30pm.

Bath time happens at night when we get home from work, usually while my husband cooks dinner(yes I married a winner!)- this can happen anytime from 5:30 to 7! I believe you have to provide yourself some wriggle room and be easy going, because if you get stuck up on "times" you can end up moody and in tears when things don't work out.

Sleep:- Becca slept through from 6weeks old *don't be cross at me!* it just happened!(thank God!) I am not hung up on her sleeping in her cot at every nap. On weekends I love seeing her asleep on her doughnut and thoroughly enjoy her sleeping on me chest, there is no better feeling. Many women have said to me " ooh you're spoiling your child letting them sleep on you", I totally disagree, it's bonding time which you don't get back, they are only tiny for so short a time. People also have thoughts on rocking your baby to sleep "it's a big NO NO, once you rock them you will always have to rock them"!-lies, it's comforting for both mother and child and doesn't have to be habit forming. -Rebecca has prooved this. Also, babies will sleep anywhere...I believe as long as they're getting the sleep they need, it shouldn't matter where this takes place.

The cat: Becca and our cat became best buds when she was tiny, people cringe when they see our baby girl clutching fur in both her hands and her mouth full of it!- so far no allergies people!!!

As I mentioned in  a previous post, I am lucky that I work from home and Becca is with me, my time with clients is flexible and whilst I work my mom looks after her. I have a happy go lucky little girl, who is always smiling and laughing. Yes my sleepless nights and sick days might still come, but I remain positive and savour every moment watching this little creation grow up! Don't believe the negative moms who try and scare you with "the sleepless nights,the teething,it's all such hard work"- take it in your stride, do what you can possibly do, and remember that "when you know better, you can do better!" Be calm, relax and just be!- your baby will let you know if you're doing ok!

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